Terms and Conditions

Prices: This price list annuls all the previous ones. All the prices indicated in this tariff are understood as P.V.P. (retail price)(recommended), and they do not include installations of material.

All the orders will be accepted according to the sales conditions of Mainox S.L..

Expeditions: The merchandise will always travel on account and risk of the buyer even if the shipment is made with due remittance payable at end or prepaid remittance.

Free of charge, except in case of special packing (wooden, etc.) or packing expressly indicated by the client.
Transport charges: They will be covered, except for orders whose net amount is inferior to 300 €. ( Application on a nation-wide scale, only peninsula).

Terms of payment: The payment will be made in cash (cash on delibery or anticipated bank transfer till the concession of letter of credit in favour of Mainox S.L. on application submitted by the client.

Return of merchandise: Mainox S.L. reserves the right to accept or not, the return of any merchandise, once it has left our warehouses. We do not admit the return of products manufactured on order or measurement.

Taxes: Not included. They will be charged in the voice, according to current legislations.

Domain of reservation: The merchandise is property of Mainox S.L. until total payment is made by the client, Mainox S.L. having full domain on it.

Photographs and drawings:
All the dimensions in this catalogue, except specific consignments, are expressed in milimeters.

The photographs and descriptions contained in this brochure should be considered only on information level. Mainox S.L. reserves the right to make any modification with purpose of improving its products.

In case of litigation, Tribunals of Madrid will have exclusive competency.